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What is the Beta Cell Gene Bank?

The Beta Cell Gene Expression Bank is a web accessible database that holds annotations for beta cell genes expertly curated. Functional annotations of genes expressed in beta cells are also included.

The ultimate goal of the Beta-Cell Gene Expression Bank is to store, annotate and compare information obtained on genes expressed in primary and tumoral rodent beta-cells, and in human islets, expressed either under basal condition or following exposure to agents that contribute to beta-cell dysfunction and death in type 1 diabetes mellitus, such as cytokines, double stranded RNA or viral infection. We hope that the cumulative information, freely accessible to the scientific community, will save an enormous amount of time for scientists studying global beta-cell gene expression in models of diabetes mellitus or islet transplantation.

The initial data included in the Bank were generated from microarray analysis of the expression of cytokine-, dsRNA-, viral-induced genes in FACS-purified rat pancreatic beta-cells and INS-1E insulin-producing cells. Later we added microarray data obtained in human islets exposed to cytokines or diabetogenic viruses. We have already detected 4,600 probesets (3,700 genes) consistently expressed in rat beta-cells and INS-1 cells and around 6,400 probesets (4,800 genes) expressed in human islets. These findings are reproducible (less than 20% variation between assays, and >90% confirmation by RT-PCR) and correlate well with protein expression. The "Beta-Cell Gene Expression Bank" was originally developed as a collaboration between the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine, ULB, Belgium (Coordinator Dr. D.L. Eizirik) and the JDRF Center for Bioinformatics, ISB, Seattle (Coordinator Dr. N. Goodman). It is since 2010 run at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), as a collaboration between the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine, ULB, Belgium (Dr. D.L. Eizirik) and the Machine Learning Group, Computer Science Department - Département d'Informatique, Faculty of Science, ULB (Dr. Gianluca Bontempi and Catharina Olsen).

The Beta Cell Gene Expression Bank was started with support from the JDRF, the European Union 6th Frame Program - Project TONECA and by an educational and unrestricted donations by Eli Lilly Forschung Hamburg and by the EFSD/Pfizer Resource Award 2006. It is since October 2010 supported by a grant from the Communauté Française de Belgique -- Actions de Recherche Concertées (ARC) to Drs Eizirik and Bontempi.

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